Charity information

Acts 435

Acts 435 is an online giving charity which allows people to give money directly to others. Managed directly through a network of churches, our goal is fast, financial help to those in need.

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    Acts 435 was inspired by the works of the early church, as described in the Acts 4:32 to 4:35. The early disciples of the risen Christ shared their possessions, and passed money to the apostles to give to anyone who had need.

    The desire to help those in need becomes urgent at times of economic crisis. Acts 435 recognises that people want to give, often a little, sometimes more, to people with genuine need. Acts 435 puts people who can give in touch with people who are in need with the Church as the physical, face-to-face forum to enable online giving.

    Churches and charities that participate in Acts 435 have an additional resource in order to reach out in a very practical way to those in need in their local community, to provide that school uniform for the children or replacement washing machine – genuine needs that cannot be met by many individuals in the UK today.

  • Aims

    Acts 435 aims to:

    • To provide fast, financial help to individuals and families in poverty in the UK. Grants are capped at £100 but this can make a significant difference in a wide range of circumstances.
  • Overview

    Established: May 2009

    Registered Charity Number: 1131305

    Board members: 5

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 70

    Phone number: 01904707021

    Address: Bishopthorpe Palace Bishopthorpe York YO23 2GE

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