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Educational opportunities aimed particularly at NEET under 25's to train in exotic animal care and gain confidence and experience so they may partake fully in society and progress into work/college

Founded 2012

  • Mission statement

    We use the facilities of an exotic animal rescue to offer courses and education to the most difficult to reach NEET, giving them a feeling of self worth, providing an alternative to more negative activities and leading to a qualification that is nationally recognised and a placement at college or work afterwards.
    We are unique in that the work we offer is percieved as high value and interesting by our students and even the most entrenched NEET wish to join us. Courses are accesible even to non literate students and psychological studies repeatedly show that work with animals reduces offending and reoffending rates dramatically as well as improving mental health and social skills.
    Students learn to deal with the public, work as a team and show compassion and understanding as well as caring for some of the worlds most wonderful creatures who have suffered from neglect.

  • Aims

    Inspire-aspire aims to:

    • To reduce social exclusion and offending among NEET youths by providing a unique and worthwhile educational opportunity culminating in a recognised qualification allowing them to extend their studies
  • Overview

    Established: February 2012

    Registered Charity Number: 1145701

    Board members: 6

    Volunteers: 15

    Phone number: 07704 773117

    Address: rhosgwyn wakefield road leeds ls27 7hj

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  • better transport

    We need a new, coach built vehicle for transport so that we can perform more educational v... More