Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

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Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue seek to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the worst affected cats of abandonment, neglect and abuse. Public education is key to our role to improve feline lives.

Founded 2008

  • Mission statement

    The aim of Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue is to ease the suffering of abandoned and stray cats and kittens in and around Edinburgh and Fife. We are a family run cat rescue who dedicate our efforts to promoting good welfare practices for cats and to helping those cats and kittens in our care back to health, so that we may find them a new loving forever home.

    Our core focus is those cats living stray on the streets, the sick, injured and infirm who need special care to heal. We specialise in the hand rearing of infant and orphaned kittens and provide care and rehabilitation services for fear aggressive and psychologically damaged cats.

    We provide advice services on all aspects of cat care to the public, through our Cat Care Advice Line and Social Media platforms.

    Our passion is cats and making a better future for all felines and their owners.

  • Aims

    Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue aims to:

    • Promoting responsible cat care through vaccination, good nutrition and most importantly neutering. We can assist the public in identifying most cost effective, yet responsible measures.
    • To provide rescue, rehabilitation services for cats that are stray, abandoned or simply unwanted. In helping these cats we can reduce spread of disease through illness.
    • To reduce the current overpopulation of cats by promoting neutering services therefore reducing, over time, the volume of stray cat colonies appearing throughout the country.
    • To establish a safe sanctuary for the stray and unwanted cats in East Central Scotland. To provide a means to help reduce the future overpopulation crisis that is looming.
  • Overview

    Established: June 2008

    Board members: 3

    Volunteers: 15

    Phone number: 01592 783732

    Address: 70 Bank Street Lochgelly Fife KY5 9QN

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