Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal Uk

Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal Uk

Charity information

Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal Uk

Raj Saubhag is a UK registered charity delivering sustainable programmes in healthcare, education, rehabilitation and poverty relief in rurual Gujurat.

Founded 2005

  • Mission statement

    To be the catalyst for sustainable social change in the local community, providing support, care and education enabling individuals to live dignified lives through the provision of medical care, educational opportunities, rehabilitation facilities for physically and/ or mentally challenged children, food welfare services and emergency relief.

    Specifically, we aim:

    To provide a variety of high quality medical services, vision restoration and dental care.

    To empower girls through good quality and affordable secondary and tertiary levels of education, ensuring that wider community and future generations benefit from their learning.

    To enhance the quality of primary education, through an alliance with teachers and parents, providing children with avenues of knowledge and education.

    To ensure physically and/or mentally challenged children do not become marginalised and have the opportunity to develop their full potential becoming respectable and valuable members of their families and communities.

    To assist those below the poverty line with food relief on a monthly basis.

    To provide emergency aid in the event of a natural disaster or calamity.

    To manage all projects professionally with capable and reputable partners to ensure any activity undertaken is of the highest standard and is sustainable.

    To ensure, without doubt, there is no distinction of caste, creed or religion in any activity.

    To maintain administrative costs to a minimum to maximise the value of donations

  • Aims

    Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal Uk aims to:

    • Maximize the value of donations received by having absolute control on peripheral administration costs.
    • Enhance the quality of life of the community through provision of sustainable services that include: education, medical & dental care, vision restoration, rehabilitate the disabled & poverty relief
    • Maintain professional standards in developing and providing various services and ensure their sustainability. Partners if any should be of repute and be able to maintain professional standards.
    • Maximize the value of donations received by having absolute control on peripheral administration costs.
  • Overview

    Established: December 2005

    Registered Charity Number: 1112669

    Board members: 5

    Volunteers: 10

    Phone number: 442089584883

    Address: 19 Hillersdon Avenue Edgware Middx HA8 7SG

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