Conquest Centre For Disabled Riders Limited

Conquest Centre For Disabled Riders Limited

Charity information

Conquest Centre For Disabled Riders Limited

We offer horse riding, back riding, sensory activities, carriage driving and stable management to people with disabilities (e. G. Autism, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and disadvantaged people)

Founded 2004

  • Mission statement

    The Conquest Equestrian Centre delivers activities with horses to the highest standards of innovation and professional practice in order to support the physical health and psychological wellbeing of the disabled community. We offer horse riding and back riding.

    Back riding is when the instructor rides with a child sat in front of them. It can be a powerful method of establishing communication with a non-verbal Autistic child, or encouraging emerging speech. The combination of the pressure of the child being held, speaking into the child’s ear (opposed to face to face) and the movement of the horse (which can open learning receptors in the brain) all create the ideal environment for the child to receive and retain information. Faster paces of the horse (trot and canter) can induce a euphoric state in the child and words can sometimes follow.

    As well as helping to establish communication, back riding provides a number of physical benefits. Just sitting on a walking horse can move all the muscles in the body. For a child with low muscle tone or poor trunk control this can provide an excellent workout and help to strengthen muscles and improve balance. There is also the benefit of the child being able to feel what they should be doing with their body. Often children will start to actively ride the trot rather than sitting passively, and this tends to emerge naturally without instruction.

    We also offer work-based diplomas for disabled and disadvantaged people.

  • Aims

    Conquest Centre For Disabled Riders Limited aims to:

    • Widen participation by moving to a larger site with more horses and more facilities in the next 5 years.
    • Use back riding and sensory work to provide early intervention and ongoing support of emerging speech and learning.
    • Support the disabled community physically and emotionally using equine activities such as riding, carriage driving, back-riding, sensory work and stable management.
    • Provide an open and friendly centre to support all riders, parents, carers, volunteers etc. and encourage social activities and mutual support.
    • Provide the opportunity for disabled and disadvantaged people to gain a work-based diploma and support them during the learning process.
  • Overview

    Established: May 2004

    Registered Charity Number: 1103883

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 3

    Part time staff: 5

    Volunteers: 200

    Phone number: 01823 433614

    Address: Conquest Farm Norton Fitzwarren Taunton Somerset TA2 6PN

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