Sarah's Rural Library Fund

Sarah's Rural Library Fund

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Sarah's Rural Library Fund

Sarah's Rural Library Fund supports The Rural Libraries Project in Cajamarca, Northern Peru. It encourages literacy through providing books to communities 2000-4000m high in the Andes.

Founded 2011

  • Mission statement

    The Rural Libraries of Cajamarca network was founded in 1971. It loans books to an extensive network of peasant farmers in the high Andes of Northern Peru. It is non-profit making, community organisation and is run entirely by volunteers. Books are kept in the homes of librarians and the local people come to the house to borrow up to 2 books for a week at a time. Co-ordinators are responsible for a number of libraries and carry the books in backpacks over the mountains, sometimes walking for up to 2 days at a time, exchanging books every 3 months. In the department of Cajamarca 76% of the population live in the countryside. The Rural Libraries consists of 40 coordinators, 500 librarians and 70,000 registered readers. This doesn’t include the so-called “listening readers” who either can’t or don’t have time to read, but listen to someone else reading.
    As well as being an educational and literacy project, it also provides a community which responds to social, environmental and political challenges. These challenges include climate change and environmental problems caused by the world's second biggest goldmine in the middle of their community.
    Our mission is to provide the funding for;
    1. The trips volunteer co-ordinators have to make to distant communities to exchange the books (travelling costs, food etc)
    2. Bi-annual training meetings for librarians in Cajamarca
    3. Book acquisitions and publishing their own materials
    4. Administration and maintenance of the central office

  • Aims

    Sarah's Rural Library Fund aims to:

    • To advance and maintain the literacy and education of the people in the rural communities in the state of Cajamarca through the provision of library facilities.
  • Overview

    Established: October 2011

    Registered Charity Number: 1144970

    Board members: 6

    Volunteers: 6

    Phone number: 07811571442

    Address: 117A Queens Drive London N4 2BE

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