West Yorkshire Animals In Need

West Yorkshire Animals In Need

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West Yorkshire Animals In Need

WYAIN is a very well respected animal welfare charity, run entirely by volunteers, helping any species of animal, both wild and domestic, that is in need. We offer help, advice and support worldwide.

Founded 2007

  • Mission statement

    West Yorkshire Animals In Need is an animal welfare and rescue charity that helps any species of animal - wild or domestic. Hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, cats, kittens, feral cats, puppies, dogs, birds, bats, hens, bees, monkeys, lizards, rats, mice and dogs saved from 'death row' in pounds. From the elderly and sick to orphans and juveniles to abandoned or stray animals WYAIN is there for them wherever they are in the world, recently helping dogs in Bulgaria and Romania.
    WYAIN help all wildlife and their habitat.
    We have a strict 'no kill' policy for all animals and a strict neutering policy for pets and feral cat colonies. Animals too ill to be re homed or returned back into the wild remain with us or live in a sanctuary. Euthanasia is only considered when an animal is suffering and there is no other option.
    WYAIN is run entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers, whose lives are devoted to improving animal welfare, ensuring that every single penny donated goes directly to helping those animals most in need - there is no wage bill!
    Being pro active WYAIN educate and campaign tirelessly to improve animal welfare throughout the world in an effort to end cruel, tortuous practices such as bear bile farming, animal experimentation, fois gras production, hunting, shooting, bull fighting, exploitation of working, performing and circus animals, destruction of natural habitat and the use of animal parts in oriental medicine leading to species extinction.
    WYAIN make a difference!

  • Aims

    West Yorkshire Animals In Need aims to:

    • By protecting, and encouraging, the natural habitat of wildlife we are benefiting the public by ensuring that creatures like the bee don't become extinct but continue to pollinate our crops and flora.
    • Improving animal welfare throughout the world by campaigning, educating, lobbying and petitioning benefits the public as cruel, barbaric practices are reduced and many species don't become extinct.
    • A pro active neutering policy benefits the public by reducing the number of cats and dogs on the streets that become a nuisance and problematic. Neutered animals are happier, healthier and quieter!
    • Rescue and rehabilitate animals in order to re home or release back into the wild. People needing to re home their pet benefit as do those wanting to adopt. People with injured wildlife benefit also.
    • Educate and inform the public on how to act responsibly towards thier own pets and to wildlife. The correct information provided benefits the public by being practical, sustainable and achievable.
  • Overview

    Established: July 2007

    Registered Charity Number: 1120275

    Board members: 3

    Volunteers: 3

    Phone number: 07974791633


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