Charity information


Amantani offers an intercultural education for the Quechua children of Peru, helping communities benefit from the modernisation of their district, rather than fall victim to it.

Founded 2008

  • Mission statement

    Amantani's mission is to help the children of Peru keep their smiles by working with local people and organisations in order to create an education that genuinely responds to the needs of its context.

    Our Principles

    Empowerment - we act as a facilitator for locally-led problem solving, allowing local people and organisations to act as the protagonists in decision making and where possible combating their perceived problems with local resources.

    Reciprocation - we create a mutual and reciprocal relationship with our beneficiaries, facilitating spaces in which the people of Peru can offer something back in the form of traditional techniques and knowledge. This process of exchange is very close to the Andean principle of reciprocation (‘ayni’) and is central to everything we do.

    Sustainability - as local people and organisations take ownership, the seeds are sown for processes initiated by Amantani to be sustained and further amplified. This means that any funds invested through Amantani will have an impact that continues and increases long beyond our presence.

  • Aims

    Amantani aims to:

    • bridge the PHYSICAL GAP between home and school - increase access to education for children living in distant communities in the Andes of Peru.
    • bridge the EDUCATIONAL GAP between home and school - adapt the local curriculum, helping to implement an intercultural education which truly responds to the needs of its context.
  • Overview

    Established: May 2008

    Registered Charity Number: 1131489

    Board members: 4

    Full time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 3

    Phone number: 07523536623

    Address: Amantani, Salter's Boat Yard Folly Bridge Abingdon Road Oxford, OX1 4LB

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