Success After Stroke

Success After Stroke

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Success After Stroke

SAS is a self-help support group offering rehabilitation to those who have suffered from a stroke in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex providing therapy and support for both stroke survivors and their carers

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    SAS looks after those who have suffered from a stroke as well as offering support to their carers. Loss of speech and mobility is aided by professional Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists and Neuro-Physiotherapists, backed by dedicated volunteers. Activities are available five days a week and include sailing, swimming, art and pottery , riding, croquet and numeracy and IT classes.
    We have many visiting speakers who cover a wide range of subjects in order to satisfy the diverse nature of our membership. The group also has numerous outings during the year which also cater for the wide spread of the members interests.
    There is a manicure and hand therapy service in operation which is very important for those who only have the use of one arm.
    We use the services of another Charity called InterAct. They provide actors and actresses who come and read and recite to the members and carers which is greatly enjoyed.
    SAS currently has over eighty members and demand for our services continues to grow. We desperately need funds to enable us to offer help to the growing number of stroke survivors who once they are discharged from hospital find there is little or no support available to them in the outside world. The value of this vital work is well illustrated by the continual increase in demand that we are experiencing. We rely wholly on the generosity of individuals and other Charities and our own fundraising endeavours in order to survive.

  • Aims

    Success After Stroke aims to:

    • To help stroke survivors to regain their confidence and self-respect and to offer support to their families and carers.
  • Overview

    Established: April 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1115016

    Board members: 16

    Part time staff: 10

    Volunteers: 18

    Phone number: 01449 736901

    Address: The Well House, Brettenham, Suffolk IP7 7PD

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