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ForCrohns funds clinical research into managing the symptoms of Crohn's Disease & aims to find a cure for the illness whilst increasing awareness & offering support for sufferers in the UK.

Founded 2002

  • Mission statement

    ForCrohns is a charity with two simple goals: to raise awareness of; and to fund research into Crohn's Disease. Nearly 40,000 people suffer from Crohn's Disease in the UK. It is a debilitating and chronic gastrointestinal condition that affects the body's immune system. The resulting symptoms are abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, diarrhoea, weight loss, arthritis, skin inflammations and fatigue It puts huge physical and mental pressure on all sufferers throughout their lives and yet there is little support available. There is also no known cure for the disease.

    In order to reach our goals our team of trustees and unpaid volunteers (many of whom suffer from the disease) create a range of events and fundraising activities to promote the charity. We have minimal overheads and the charity is run entirely by volunteers so virtually all of the money raised goes directly to the valuable projects we choose to fund.

    We invest the charity’s funds in a wide variety of research projects into the disease including (but not limited to) investigations leading to a greater understanding of the condition, its diagnosis, the symptoms, new and establised treatments and the psychological impact upon sufferers and their families.

    Through our events, activities and a range of media channels we will publicise our research and educate people about the disease and its symptoms so that they understand more about the condition should they ever be asked for help by a sufferer

  • Aims

    forCrohns aims to:

    • To fund clinical research into Crohn's Disease - namely to best manage symptoms but also to find a cure for the illness,
    • To increase public awarenesss of Crohn's Disease.
    • To provide support to sufferers of Crohn's Disease, and thier friends and families.
  • Overview

    Established: June 2002

    Registered Charity Number: 1129871

    Board members: 14

    Volunteers: 14

    Phone number: 020 8954 0277

    Address: 23 Leavesden Road Stanmore Middlesex HA7 3RQ

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