The Maytree Respite Centre

The Maytree Respite Centre

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The Maytree Respite Centre

A unique innovative charity which supports people experiencing a suicidal crisis through offering a short stay at the Maytree house as well as providing advice and support by phone and email.

Founded 2001

  • Mission statement

    Every year in the UK more than 6,000 people kill themselves. In England alone this equates to a person dying by suicide every two hours, whilst at least 10 times this number attempt suicide. Around 75% of those who die in this way have not been in contact with mental health services.

    Maytree’s purpose is to save lives and alleviate the suffering of those in suicidal crisis, by befriending and giving warmth and compassion in a homely environment to those in despair, helping them to regain hope.

    Maytree offers a non-clinical approach to suicidal crisis intervention, giving trust, respect, understanding and love to our guests via our committed volunteers. Those in crisis are offered a short once in a lifetime stay at the Maytree house absolutely free of charge. During their stay each guest receives intensive one to one befriending and emotional support, helping them to talk through their problems in a calm and non-judgmental environment.

    Our long term vision is of a network of residential befriending sanctuaries so that anyone experiencing a suicidal crisis will have someone to talk to and a safe place to go.

  • Aims

    The Maytree Respite Centre aims to:

    • To support actively suicidal people so that their suicide risk is substantially reduced and they are able to re-embrace life.
    • To provide support, advice and guidance remotely by phone and email to people experiencing suicidal thoughts and their friends/family.
  • Overview

    Established: July 2001

    Registered Charity Number: 1087668

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 4

    Part time staff: 4

    Volunteers: 80

    Phone number: 0207 281 6863

    Address: 72 Moray Road London N4 3LG

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  • The Maytree Respite Centre

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