The Galilee Foundation

The Galilee Foundation

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The Galilee Foundation

The Galilee Foundation was established to promote development and equality of the Palestinian indigenous community in Israel.

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    There are 1. 5m Palestinian citizens of Israel, about 20% of the total population, and 370,000 of those are internally displaced. Palestinians wages are just under 30 per cent lower than those of other citizens. 61% of Palestinian families in Israel live below the poverty line.
    According to the 2012 State Budget, Palestinian citizens of Israel have been allocated less than 6. 25% of the State Budget, even though they comprise 20% of the total population, and 25% of all children in Israel.
    The Israeli authorities spend $192 per Palestinian child per year compared to an average of $1,100 for other children. Only 32% of Palestinian pupils finish school with the qualifications required to apply for university. They are three times less likely to go to university than other citizens.
    Those that do manage to achieve the results required to attend university are not eligible for cost-effective student dormitories, scholarships or loans, due to not having served in the Israeli army. Palestinian students represent just 11. 2% of all first degree (BA/BSc) students, only 6. 1% of all second degree students, and only 3. 5% of all third degree students.
    The Galilee Foundation’s vision is to contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty and marginalisation by offering opportunities to access higher education. Since the start of its core programme, the Galilee Foundation Scholarship Programme in 2007, more than 400 young people have been supported in universities across Israel and abroad.

  • Aims

    The Galilee Foundation aims to:

    • Promote development and equality of the Palestinian indigenous community in Israel.
    • To provide scholarships to Palestinian citizens of Israel.
  • Overview

    Established: December 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1118966

    Board members: 6

    Full time staff: 1

    Phone number: 020 7993 8355

    Address: 26 Bloomsbury Street London WC1B 3QJ

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  • The Galilee Foundation Scholarship Programme

    There are 1.5m indigenous Palestinian citizens of Israel, 20% of the population. 61% Pale... More