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Addington Fund

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Addington Fund

Addington Fund is a farming charity helping farmers facing homelessness and awarding grants in times of emergency.

Founded 2001

  • Mission statement

    The Addington Fund is a registered farming charity working in England and Wales.

    Our Purpose:
    1. To provide appropriate and long term housing for farmers leaving the industry and facing homelessness
    2. To provide cash grants in cases of emergency where hardship is prevalent
    3. To use opportunities when they arise to educate non farming people of the difficulties facing many of the UK’s less fortunate farmers
    4. To enable people to start again and have optimism for the future

    How we do this
    1. By raising awareness of our work and our requirements in order to continue to help those in need
    2. By actively raising money
    3. Ensuring the income from every property we buy covers the investment required so that all future donations go towards another property purchase
    4. By monitoring our running costs so that all donations go towards our cause and not our admin costs
    5. By employing staff who have empathy and knowledge of farming matters
    6. Being part of a bigger network to identify those in need and to provide a package of all round care.

    Our values
    1. To understand, care and not judge, keeping our Christian values, respecting our Christian roots
    2. To act confidentially to ensure the people we help can confide in us the full extent of their problems
    3. Not to be restricted by unnecessary protocol but to assess every application as individual.

  • Aims

    Addington Fund aims to:

    • To enable farming families to leave the industry with dignity and confidence in their future.
    • By helping one generation to leave the farming industry, create an opportunity for a younger generation to enter into it.
    • To relieve hardship caused by an emergency situation.
    • To continue to administer a sustainable charity where all charitable donations go directly to our cause and not used on running costs
  • Overview

    Established: March 2001

    Registered Charity Number: 1097092

    Full time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 10

    Phone number: 01926 620135

    Address: 9 Barford Exchange Wellesbourne Road Barford Warwick CV35 8AQ

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