Charity information

2 Water

2 Water is a registered not-for-profit committed to bringing clean, drinking water to communities in the developing world. All fundraising proceeds go directly into water projects.

Founded 2010

  • Mission statement

    Water is fundamental to our daily lives. Our goal is to reach out to the 1 billion people without access to clean water and the 2. 2 billion people without adequate sanitation to ensure that they receive a chance of a better and more sustainable life.

    We are an innovative charity; central to our efforts is metaphorically turning wine into water, by organising wine tasting events and using all of the proceeds to fund water projects in the developing world. This is made possible by our two tiered approach to fundraising: our operational costs are funded directly by individuals and companies, while all donations are put wholly into water projects. Our operational supporters have full disclosure on how their money is spent and can participate to the decision making process.

    By implementing mechanical water systems, our projects improve the local infrastructure and permanently bring water closer to the families and communities that desperately need it. In just one day, women and children in the developing world spend 200 million hours collecting water for domestic use. This is time that could be spent receiving education, farming, or providing and caring for families.

    Much currently available water is dirty, encouraging poor hygiene, illness and disease. Thus, our projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nepal and India help lift many people out of poverty. With your support, we can continue to turn wine into water.

  • Aims

    2 Water aims to:

    • To help end water poverty worldwide by funding water projects throughout the developing world.
    • To make our fundraising and project building sustainable, by making sure that our projects are monitored and that women, children and men get a better chance at education and a better quality of life.
    • To make fundraising for water didactic and dynamic by giving individuals and companies the possibility to learn about wine, techniques of wine tasting whilst giving back to water projects.
  • Overview

    Established: October 2010

    Registered Charity Number: 1139090

    Board members: 4

    Volunteers: 32

    Phone number: 07515727984

    Address: 2 Water 137 Leman street E1 8EY

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