France Mission Trust

France Mission Trust

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France Mission Trust

We support church-planting and encourage evangelical church growth in France through prayer, gifts, and mission opportunities.

Founded 1974

  • Mission statement

    Despite being one of the historic centres of Christianity in Europe, France is now a secular Republic in which many citizens are growing up with virtually no awareness of Jesus Christ. France Mission (FM) is one of a number of evangelical groups seeking to address this problem. And, praise God, exciting things are happening! Evangelical Christianity has grown ten-fold in the past 60 years: from around 50,000 believers in 1950 to around half a million today.

    FM supports church-plants through five phases of development from an initial project to maturity. Throughout the development process, FM supports church-plants through appointing leaders, helping with legal/organisational issues (including the purchase and refurbishment of appropriate premises), and providing evaluation and training opportunities.

    FM is also active in the following areas:
    • Developing and co-ordinating national representation and strategy via the CNEF (National Council of French Evangelicals)
    • Accelerating the rate of church-planting via the creation of a Regional Church-planting Centre
    • Youth and student work
    • Leadership development programmes
    • Running Christian activity centres in the Alps and the Midi
    • Maintaining a multimedia touring Bible exhibition
    • Offering short-term mission opportunities in France (in conjunction with International Teams)
    • Supporting retired missionaries

  • Aims

    France Mission Trust aims to:

    • Promotion of the Christian Gospel in France through church-planting and support of existing churches.
    • Training a new generation of pastors for French evangelical churches.
  • Overview

    Established: April 1974

    Registered Charity Number: 267979

    Board members: 9

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 10

    Phone number: 07980450462

    Address: PO Box 743 Exeter EX1 9RN

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